Tyler Whitlock Art

Ex - HKRAC 2014, HK



Welcome to the Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2014, an ambitious project established in 2013 to harness the power of the visual arts to promote awareness, provoke dialogue, inspire action and ultimately, bring about change in the area of human rights.

In the words of one of the Prize’s judges, artist and activist Kacey Wong, “I believe art can change the world. Be it photography, a flag, or a song that was sung in a rally, art has its place and it is one of the best weapons that will free us and bring positive change.” This is core to the philosophy of the Prize, using art as a lens through which to explore difficult issues, challenge assumptions, elicit emotion and galvanise change.

This year we asked artists to contribute works on the theme of modern slavery and human trafficking, real issues that are right on our doorstep. As an important regional hub, Hong Kong is both a destination and transit territory for human trafficking, yet our city is failing to comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. This is why we wanted to make it the theme of this year’s Prize and the response from the arts community has confirmed its significance.

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